Downriver Speedway
Model Car Racing Rules
Basic Track Rules

ALL cars will maintain 1/16" min track clearance
ALL cars will maintain a max tread width of 3 1/4"
All bodies must mount from the side No front pinning of body
When viewed from above body should cover chassis, flag and tires except open wheel cars
ALL cars must have front and rear windows except open cockpit cars
ALL classes must have full interior in at least 3 colors
Interior must have 3D drivers head, shoulders and hands on a steering wheel
Interior can be a full model car interior with driver figure or a simple interior card
When viewed from above interior must cover chassis, motor, tires and track
Windows must be clear or tinted, no black or painted windows except funny car rear
ALL road race cars will have 3 numbers in proper location and at least 1 sponser logo

ALL racing will be done in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fun


 Any  4 1/2" chassis that is commercially available
May brace or reinforce chassis any way you want

Proslot 2003 Sealed S16D only

Gears, Axles and Tires
Any Gear
Minimum axle diameter 3/32" front and rear
One piece front axle only, independent rotating fronts OK
Rear tire min diameter .790", max width .810"
Front tire min diameter .675", min width .400"
Max width 3 1/4"
.062 ground clearance at back up to axle including gear
Front tires must touch track when rocked side to side
Rear tires must roll not slide on track when car is pushed

Any commercially available modern NASCAR body
1/4" min front and rear bumpers
Max rear spoiler height 1 3/4"
Front wheel openings must be cut out
Body must be painted with clear windows
Must have a painted 3d interior card
Must have 3 numbers in proper location and at least 1 sponser logo

​​​Racing starts Fridays at 7pm

4 1/2" Nascar on a Friday night
It doesn't get any better than this​​​

​Secure your spot Friday in this years

Chase for the Downriver Cup

NASCAR Points Series

A new points race for Cup Cars will begin in February with the Daytona races and continue thru November at Homested

The new schedule includes every race on the NASCAR schedule
 including the Chase for the Cup

Points will be awarded as per NASCAR Rules

Winners of each series will receive Trophies

Cup Car Chase Champion will receive the  Downriver Cup Trophy and become this years Downriver Cup Champion


Stock JK Cheetah 21 four inch chassis only 

Any JK tires and wheels
Rear tire min diameter .765"
Any JK o-ring fronts

Stock sealed Hawk 7 motor only
10 tooth pinion 36 tooth spur / 64 pitch JK gears only

Any current JK .010" body
Maximum rear spoiler height 1 5/8"
.050 min. crearance at rear​

Grand Touring Prototype

​Any 4" stamped steel flexi style chassis
Any GTP or lesser body

No wing cars​

Any can type motor

Any gear

Must have front tires

.050 clearance at rear