Downriver Speedway
Racing Rules

Basic Track Rules

ALL cars will maintain 1/16" min track clearance
ALL cars will maintain a max tread width of 3 1/4"
When viewed from above body should cover chassis, flag and tires except open wheel cars
ALL cars must have front and rear windows except open cockpit cars
ALL cars must have 4 wheels and tires at all times
ALL classes must have full interior in at least 3 colors
Interior must have 3D drivers head, shoulders and hands on a steering wheel
When viewed from above interior must cover chassis, motor, tires and track
Windows must be clear or tinted, no black or painted windows
ALL race cars will have 3 numbers in proper location and at least 1 sponser logo

ALL racing will be done in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fun

2021 Downriver Cup Cars​
Based on JK's 4 1/2" Cheetah 21 RTR Stock Car

NO modification​s of any kind
Max width 3 1/ 4
Front and rear axles must be centered under car - no offset​
.055" ground clearance at rear up to axle including gear
.032" everywhere else​
Min front and rear tire diameter .790"​​
Motor may be solderd to top of mounting bracket​
Axle bushings may be soldered in place​
Stick on lead weight may be added​
1/4" min front and rear bumpers
Max rear spoiler height 1 3/4"
Front wheel openings must be cut open
Body must be painted with clear windows
Must have full 3d interior card in 3 colors
​Must have 3 numbers in proper location and at least 1 sponsor logo
Standard ​Parts List​
Complete Car - Any jk O10B seris Hawk 7 car​
Rolling Chassis - jk O10W
Chassis - jk C60
Flag - jk U3
Flag Spacer - jk U17
Flag Shim - Any
Flag Nut - jk U5
Wire Clip - jk U15
Lead Wire - Any
Braid - Any
Front Axle - jk A3
Rear Axle - jk A1
Axle Bushings - jk U22
Front Wheel - jk T105F
Rear Tire - jk T7S3N
Spur Gear - jk G638

Pinion Gear - jk P610
Motor - jk M7
Motor Screw Self Tap - jk M53
Motor Screw Threaded - jk M55
 Body - See Optional Parts
​Body Clip - jk U44​

Optional Parts List​
Flag - jk U4
Brass Flag Nut - jk U7
Pro Flag Nut - jk  L31, L45 or U61
Pro Flag Nut Tool - jk L30
.790" Independent Front Wheel  Kit - jk T100F
.812" Independent Front Wheel Kit - jk T106F​
Front Wheel Retainer - jk U20
Rear Wheel - Any jk .790" or .820" ​ Diameter
Motor - jk M7BB Ball Bearing
Body - jk B125B, B126B, B127B, B128B, B129B, B130B, B131B
Floating Body Mount Kit - jk U63
​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

NASCAR Points Series

A new points race for Cup Cars will begin 5/14/21 and continue thru November

The new schedule includes every race ​on
​the NASCAR schedule +
 including the Chase for the Cup

Points will be awarded similar to NASCAR Rules

2021 Cup Car Champion receives a
​New 4 1/2" Cheetah 21 Race Car along with becoming this years Downriver Cup Champion

JK Sportsman

JK Cheetah C21 four inch chassis only
 No reinforcing or modifying of chassis
Any JK .010 Body
Body MUST be cut on cut line
No cutting open rear of body above cut line​​
JK Hawk M7 or M7BB Motor Only
Motor must be screwed into stock location​
Any JK Guide Flag
Any JK Braid
Any JK rear tire min diameter .765"
Any JK o-ring front
JK 64 pitch 10/36 gears or 
​ JK 48 pitch 8/29 gears only
JK Non adjustable axle bushings only

.062 min. clearance at rear axle including gear​
.032 min. clearance everywhere else
Maximum rear spoiler height 1 5/8"

No modifications to anything​​

Fun and Affordable
​Box Stock
​​​Entry Level Racing​



This is a Body Specific Class ​
​​Based on the Sportsman Rules Below

Your Choice of 23 LMP/GT1 Bodies

B87B BMW V12   B88B Panoz   B89B Lola Judd
B98B Raynard   B99B Chrysler   B101B MG Lola
B102B Dome   B104B Ascari​​​​​   B106B Lister
B107B Porsche   B108B Lola   B109B Mazda
B110B Audi   B151B Cadillac   B160B Lola

B85B Porsche   B86B Audi R8​   B100B Bentley
B111B Bentley   B113B Mazda Dyson
B114B Lola W/Rib   B150B Mercedes CLR

All bodies MUST be cut on cut line
​ NO cutting open back of body above cut line
​You MUST retain a min. 7/8" rear of body  ​​


Any JK Cheetah 21 INDY/F1 Chassis​​
Any​ JK .010" INDY or F1 Body
JK Hawk M7 or M7BB Motor Only 
Any JK Guide Flag​
Any JK Braid
JK 64 pitch 10 tooth pinion only
JK 64 pitch 37 tooth spur gear only​​​​​
JK Axle bushings only ​
​JK INDY/F1 Front Tire​ only
Any JK Rear Tires min .765"​
.050 clearance at rear axle including gear
.032 clearance everywhere else​
No modifications to anything​

Great Open Wheel
​Box Stock Racing​​​​​​
4" NASCAR Trucks

​This is a body specific class
Based on our JK Sportsman rules

Your choice of 6 JK NASCAR Truck Bodies
B63B Chevy     B64B Chevy 
B65B Dodge     B66B Dodge
B67B Ford        B68B Ford​​​​​   

Body MUST be cut on cut line
No cutting open back of body above cut line​​​
Vintage 24 Hour LeMans Coupes

This​ is a body specific class
​Based on our JK Sportsman rules

Your choice of 6 Vintage GT Coupe Bodies

     RFD324C 330P3 Ferarri     RFD329C Chaparral 2F
B51B Ford GT                     B90B FORD Mk IV  
B92B Porsche Carrera 6     B95B Lola T70        

Body MUST be cut on cut line
No cutting open back of body above cut line
Rear spoiler may be added​
​Maximum spoiler height 1 5/8"​

​​Any stamped brass or steel Womp chassis
​No drilling or grinding of chassis
Reinforcing chassis OK
Motor may be soldered in place
Adjustable axle bushings OK
No ball bearings​​

Motor: B52 ball bearing 25000 RPM only

Gears: ​48 pitch only
Gear Ratio: 9x27 or 10x30 only​
​​Axles: 1/8" or 3/32" front or rear
Front tires: Any o-ring or foam tire
Rear tire: Any meeting min. clearance
Guide Flag: Any meeting min. clearance​
Max width:  3 1/4"
Min. clearance:  .032"​ front and rear

Any Womp Legends Body​​​​
Outlaw Legends​
Formula 1

For Complete AWRA Rules go to
​ AWRA Rules for Womp Racing​

This​​ is a NEW Body Specific Class Based on our JK Indy / F1 Rules

​The NEW Downriver Speedway Exclusive '60s Hammerhead Body

​Body fits wide chassis only​​
Womp Womp
Downriver Outlaws​

House Class Based on AWRA Rules for Outlaw Sportsman
Any Womp Womp Body Will Be Allowed