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Description of Scheduled Race Classes
Racing Nightly

Great Racing on a Budget
Box Stock Class for
​JK's 4" Cheetah 21 Cars.

JK Hawk 7 motor
JK Rear tires min .765
JK O-ring fronts min 5/8
JK Gears 10x36 only
Any JK body

See rules page
​for complete details​

A box stock class for Parma's Flexi-5 cars with turbo controlers.
Optional Parma bodies and gear ratios but everything else must remain stock.

Faster Fun Racing!
4" Outlaw GTP

Any 4" stamped steel chassis
Any can type motor
Any gear
Any .765 or larger rear tire
Must have front tires
Any mods
Any GTP or lesser body

see rules page
for complete details​​
Hardbody Trans-Am
Same rules as FCR except body must be from a 1/24 or 1/25 scale plastic model with interior card.
Trans-Am bodies include 67-74 Camaro Trans-Am Mustang Cougar Javalin Cuda Challenger and others including 2010-17 Camaro Mustang and Challenger
4" or 4 1/2" wheelbase chassis
This is a class for JK Indy/F1 Cars with Falcon or Hawk 7 Motors
Any JK Tire
Any JK Gear
Any Controller 
LeMans Prototype

A Fast, Fun Class for 4" Flexi Car Racing.

    All cars must run 
JK Cheetah 21 Chassis
JK Hawk 7 Motor
JK LMP/GT-1 body
JK Tires
JK Gears

4" Sportsman Series
4 1/2" NASCAR Cup Series
The Fastest of the NASCAR's

Any 4 1/2" Chassis Any NASCAR Body
House S16D Motor

see rules page for complete details
Rental Cars
Half Hour